A Bird's Eye View for Real Estate • Events • Destinations • Building Inspections

Skyhawk Aerial View provides high quality photography and HD videos usings drones which allow unique capture of images. These views offer countless advantages to just about anyone who needs photography of a property or wishes to have a photo record of an event (commercial businesses locations, showcasing a property for sale, personal milestones, nonprofit events and fund raisers). Businesses in real estate, construction, farming, and tourism need images for property evaluations, land development, construction progress reporting, and sales materials. Planning a special event? Skyhawk Aerial View can help you supply a unique perspective to the occasion be it wedding, birthday party, family reunion, class reunion, church picnic or whatever gathering it is you need wish to record for posterity.

We are FAA Approved Commercial Drone Operators and can meet your aerial photo and video needs. Besides the showcasing of properties we also offer images for building inspections and perform the periodic inspections required under local Washington DC and Maryland code. Codes require that "logs" are kept of the readings taken on mechanical equipment. If there are any issues we notify site or property managers and give guidance as to solutions (for more information metrologllc.com.) We are fully insured and bonded.

Don’t just tell them — show them — because seeing is believing.