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Commercial Properties and Building Inspections

Images for Marketing, Required Building Inspections, Tracking Construction and Maintenance

Those impossible to get images of commercial properties are an easy job for a drone. Skyhawk Aerial View also offers images for building inspections and performs the periodic inspections required under local Washington DC and Maryland code through Metrolog LLC our parent company. Codes require that "logs" are kept of the readings taken on mechanical equipment. If there are any issues we notify site or property managers and give guidance as to solutions (for more information We are fully insured and bonded. Drone photography is useful in tracking commercial building construction and allows images of tall structures that cannot be taken from a street level location. Also a great way to spot maintenance needs before they become a more serious problem. This method avoids the costly use of cranes or renting a plane to get the images of the tops of structures. Periodic photo sessions can help with preventive maintenance of not only structures but also landscaping, golf courses and athletic fields.

Skyhawk Aerial View is a FAA Approved Commercial Drone Operator company, we can meet your aerial photo and video needs. We are fully insured and bonded.

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