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Special Events

Seen from a Different Perspective

We all have special days in our lives that we want to remember forever and drone photography can capture moments that other types of photography cannot. The drone can easily move about the event and go to where the action is something that can be a challenge with a hand held camera on the ground. Skyhawk Aerial View photographed and did video footage for the Unity Pride Day and easily tracked the cyclists as they moved along their route being able to provide good overall coverage of the event and later these images were pulled for still shots. At a car show event at Lawyer Farm unique images were obtained of individual vehicles as well as the property. The same can happen for you. Whatever your special day: wedding, reunion for school or family, church picnic, birthday party or other life celebration catch all the action and joy of the day to remember. Perhaps you are a business having a grand opening or involved with a community project, get photos and video to use for your marketing because nothing gets attention like a good visuals.

Skyhawk Aerial View is a FAA Approved Commercial Drone Operator company, we can meet your aerial photo and video needs. We are fully insured and bonded.

Don’t just tell them — show them — because seeing is believing.