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Showcase Your Real Estate

Photos That Show the Property AND the Surrounding Neighborhood

Provide a bird's eye view and meet the challenge of staging your real estate property. Show them in a unique perspective using aerial shots with drone photography. Questions prospects often ask about roof conditions can be easily shown. Easy to show proximity to amenities such as schools, churches and shopping as well as local attractions with a single photo. Visually confirm the surrounding area and the home's lot size. The property itself can have photos taken at angles that would be hard if not impossible to shoot from street level. Adding additional points of interest near the property can be a true aid in selling undeveloped properties showing local points of interest nearby. This is also a great way to show development and property improvement.

Skyhawk Aerial View is a FAA Approved Commercial Drone Operator company, we can meet your aerial photo and video needs. Besides the showcasing of properties we also offer images for building inspections and perform the periodic inspections required under local Washington DC and Maryland code. Codes require that "logs" are kept of the readings taken on mechanical equipment. If there are any issues we notify site or property managers and give guidance as to solutions (for more information We are fully insured and bonded.

Don’t just tell them — show them — because seeing is believing.